Top Baby Names for 2012

Posted by susanbrownsbaby on January 11, 2012 0 Comments has come up with their "trend" list for naming babies in 2012! Are you pregnant and just can't decide the perfect name for your new bundle of joy? Check out the latest trends and top names below:

1. Isabella and Jacob were the two most popular names in 2011 according to the Social Security Administration.

2. Honor, Bing, Ryder, Hattie...all celeb baby names. No matter how crazy we might think celebrity baby names are, they definitely create conversation!

3. Feminine Names, One-syllable names and Vintage names for girls are all making a comeback!

4. For boys, it looks like a twist on the traditional is in favor with names like Alexander, Owen, Connor and Nicholas.

5. Classic names for both girls and boys are making a big comeback. Andrew, Michael, Matthew...Jennifer, Sarah, Emily. You can even do a search on "names that never go out of style"!

6. Last but not least, Grandma and Grandpa know best. Everything comes back in style, right? A big trend is naming babies after Grandparents and this trend probably won't slow down in the near future.

For the full list of Top Baby Names for 2012, click here.

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