The Grammys 2012

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Unfortunately, the Grammys carried a sad note throughout the night with the recent death of Whitney Houston. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, especially her daughter. There were several triumphs throughout the night...especially the performance by Adele, her first since vocal chord surgery. Life's tragedies and triumphs were definitely center stage last night. No stranger to tragedy and triumph is Giuliana Ranic. Giuliana has opened up to the public about her struggles with infertility and breast cancer.

Giuliana was on the red carpet at last night's Grammys and she looked great! As one of our fave celeb followers we wish Giuliana the best and look forward to hearing her opinion from last night's show on Fashion Police!

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A Note from Bethenny Frankel!

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Bethenny Frankel is known for being all about natural products! Everything from her business as a natural foods chef to choosing agave as a natural sweetener for her Skinnygirl Cocktails makes her stand out as a natural Mom so we were so excited to receive this note from her!

Are you excited to catch up with Bethenny this year? The new season of Bethenny Ever After starts February 20th!

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Having Trouble with Baby's Dry Skin?

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Does your baby suffer from dry skin in the winter months, just like you? Baby's skin can get just as dry as adult skin and needs to be nourished. Here are some great tips to keep your baby's skin moisturized during the dry, cold winter months.

-Trim bath time down to ten minutes or less and use warm water rather than hot.

-Immediately after the bath, towel dry your baby and slather them with Susan Brown's Baby Nourishing Lotion to seal in the moisture. If your baby has extra dry skin it might be a good idea to moisturize twice daily.

-Keep your baby well hydrated! Water is important from the inside out and babies are no exception.

-Run a humidifier in your baby's room at night to keep the air from drying out your baby's skin.

Last but not least, try to keep your baby away from the elements of the outdoors like cold air, wind and sun. A great alternative to Vaseline is Susan Brown's Baby All Purpose Botanical Gelée. It is great for chapped lips, cheeks and more! To view the entire article about healing baby's dry skin click here.

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It seems like if you or someone in your family is not sick you know people that ARE sick! Something is going around and it is said to be one of the worst flu seasons this year. Protect yourself and your babies with our Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer! Our hand sanitizer contains beads of Jojoba Esters infused with Vitamin E so your hands don't dry out during the cold winter months.

Clinical studies have demonstrated sensorial preferences of our product over Purell, Sterillium, and Avagard brands of hand sanitizers. Try it out today!

Receive a FREE bottle with any purchase through during the month of January 2012. lists hand sanitizer as #26 on their TOP 100 Baby Essentials List!


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How Much Can You Make as a Mom?

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Every once in awhile an article comes out that highlights what a Mom might get paid if you were to add up everything she does for the family and the home. Who knows how accurate these figures are but what IS clear is that all Moms work hard to keep the family up and running. If you are a Mom, think about ALL of the things you do on daily basis. Hmmm, sounds like it is time for a day off. To see the entire article, click here.

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