Why I’m Not Leaving Even Though My Child is Having a Meltdown

Posted by Kathleen George on October 04, 2016 0 Comments

Let me the lay out the scene for you. I will start by saying I don’t always have reliable child care and have zero family nearby. While my daughter is in school I sometimes bring my 2 year old son on errands and this particular day I needed a new top for an event that weekend and literally no other time to shop for it.


I breeze through the perusing process because between Peppa Pig on my phone and a bag of Honey Nut Cheerios my son is “distracted”. Then we get to the try-on stage. By this point, he is getting antsy…and cranky. I rush through. I am literally tearing clothes on and off like I am in a theatrical production backstage changing between scenes. I need to get out the door with something I can wear to my event that isn’t stained with snot and/or coffee.


By the time I head to check out my son is in a full-blown meltdown. He’s crying and screaming. I’m in line. Before I had kids I would see (or simply hear) this scene in a store and I would think, “Hey, what are you doing, lady? Take that kid out of the store…Jeez” or maybe “You think that kid is tired?” or maybe I would just give a look that says, “Why are you still here with that screaming kid?” You Moms know the look…that look that says, “Why?! Why is that woman still in the store with her screaming, spazzing kid?!”


Now I know why. Because that woman already “invested” an hour at the store. She can’t leave now. She will never get that time (or exerted effort) back and gosh darn it, she just needs a top.


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