Simple Ways to Save Money with a Baby on the Way

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Simple Ways to Save Money with a Baby on the Way


Parents, especially first-time parents, tend to overspend on baby and pregnancy prep. All the excitement and emotions surrounding pregnancy encourage us to splurge on our future little ones. While there are plenty of things you will need to buy before the baby comes, it’s easy to find affordable options and budget alternatives. After all, providing loving care to your new child is possible on any budget! Here are some tips for acquiring affordable baby gear and sticking to your pregnancy prep budget.


Save on Maternity Wear


Why spend a fortune on clothes you’re only going to wear for a few months? Save money on your maternity wear by seeking out pieces of clothing that double as postnatal wear. Some great examples include overalls, flowy maxi dresses, elastic-waisted skirts, wrap tops, and exercise clothing. Wardrobe basics such as high-waisted leggings will go with any outfit and conform to your changing body. Check out sites like Kindred Bravely to find versatile maternity leggings that will keep you comfortable during pregnancy and beyond.


Buy Second-Hand


A lot of baby gear is easy to find second-hand. Save money on everything from clothing to toys by shopping for gently-used items at thrift stores and consignment shops. You can even find used bouncy seats, baby swings, and high chairs—just make sure to do your research and check for recalls before buying.


That said, there are a couple of things that you should never buy second-hand, especially cribs and car seats. Modern cribs must adhere to strict safety regulations that older cribs may not meet. For example, cribs with drop-down sides have been banned due to serious safety issues. Similarly, older car seats may fail to meet safety standards. Car seats also wear out over time, putting children in danger—this is why car seats have expiration dates!


Stick to the Essentials


As you’re shopping for baby gear, you’ll come across many items you will never need. Some of these may be obvious, like baby knee pads. Aside from the more ridiculous baby inventions, parents can steer clear of common unnecessary items, like fancy changing tables, baby-wipe warmers, bottle warmers, specialized diaper bags, and diaper pails. Use a cheap dresser as a changing table, warm your bottles in a cup of hot water, and use a cheap garbage bin as a diaper pail. These affordable alternatives will allow you to spend your money on quality essential items instead.


Register for Gifts You Need


A gift registry is a great way to let your friends and family give you the items you really need. The Bump recommends asking for practical items like bibs, burp cloths, bottles, a baby first-aid kit, and baby toiletries. Avoid putting items on your registry that you wouldn’t buy for yourself. If you receive any gifts you don’t need, return these to the store so you can get something else. In exchange for a couple of unnecessary items, you may be able to get something more expensive, like a baby monitor or a quality stroller.


Join or Organize a Swap Party


Babies grow out of clothing, toys, and other gear pretty quickly, but constantly buying new items seems wasteful. A swap party is a wonderful way to acquire new (to you) items like children’s clothes and toys. During a swap party, parents bring agreed-upon items they no longer need and trade amongst each other. Check out Facebook to see if you can find a local swap group to join. If not, consider organizing your own swap party.


Prepping for your pregnancy on a budget will get you in the habit of making smart financial decisions for your family. As your child grows older, you’ll be able to use the money-saving tips you learned during your pregnancy to avoid financial stress and keep your family secure. Plus, you’ll be prepared to save even more when the next child comes along!



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