New Year, New Baby? Congrats! Here are 5 Ways Life, as you Know it, Will Never be the Same

Posted by Kathleen George on January 05, 2017 0 Comments

Just fewer than four million babies are born in the US each year (based on 2013 stats). The most popular months to give birth are August, followed by July, October and September. If you are quickly doing the math, it means people are getting busy during the holidays and right around the New Year.


Look to your right and look to your left…one of those women is probably pregnant. Just kidding, but I am part of this statistic. When I had my first baby it was mid-October because my husband and I decided to “try” for the first time after the New Year. Again, if you are quickly doing the math, this mama is very, ahem, fertile.


The birth rate increase in July and August shows that people are getting into the holiday spirit. There is something so magical about the holidays and we are always more keenly aware of how meaningful family is and how they shape our lives. And yes, this makes some of us decide we want to get pregnant.


So, here’s to the newly pregnant mamas out there…some that may not even know it yet. If it’s your first time here is a quick list to prepare you for how your life will change.


  1. 1. It’s Never Quite Like You Imagined - You see pics of your friends on Facebook with their cute adorable babies and think, “Awww, I can’t wait to do this with my baby!” Well, guess what? That happy little shot took 20 minutes and 3 breakdowns. By the parents. Get over whatever fantasies you have about how the experiences you had in your mind will actually turn out in reality.


  1. 2. Sleeping in Will Be A Distant Memory - Your baby will eventually sleep through the night but you will never sleep late in the morning. They will ALWAYS get up. Even when you think the morning play date, afternoon trampoline park visit and late night dance off will result in hours of blissful morning snoozedom you’re wrong. They will get up and you will too.


  1. 3. Your Child’s Wardrobe Will Be Better Than Yours – I know this is hard to imagine and for some of you painful to think about but it happens. Boxes will still arrive from late night on-line shopping sprees but sadly, they won’t be for you. We will just leave it at that.



  1. 4. You Will Have Arguments About About Broccoli and Chicken – No matter how well you think you are preparing your child to have a global palette, the fact is, at some point they will only want the three main kid food groups…chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and pizza. You will make glorious meals that you find on Pinterest that guarantee your kids won’t notice the spinach and then everyone will be happy and satisfied after a nice family dinner together. Yeaaaa. Unicorns.


  1. 5. It Will Be the Hardest Job You’ve Ever Had – Working is tough, don’t get me wrong and I have spent many long days and nights working. I also spent weekends working and would often be travelling more in one month than I spent at home but being a Mom is truly THE hardest job you will ever have. It is also the most rewarding, as cliché as it sounds.


So hang tough, future Mama!! Your life will change in so many crazy and beautiful ways.

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