Halloween - To Cancel or Not to Cancel

Posted by Kathleen George on October 25, 2016 0 Comments

This coming Friday my daughter has a “Fall Ball”. Not a Halloween party but a Fall Ball. I noticed that a note came home regarding Halloween which is the following Monday, October 31st. The note didn’t mention Halloween rather that kids could dress up as their favorite storybook character. We can’t even say Halloween anymore?


I understand that with the recent clown issues that some towns and schools have excluded clown costumes. I totally get that but are we now cancelling Halloween altogether? There is a school in Connecticut that did just that, they cancelled their school’s holiday celebrations. I have supported avoiding religious holiday celebrations at schools because I feel for the kids whose religion or traditions may not be included but Halloween is a time for kids to dress up, act like kids and get candy from their neighbors. In fact, in this world where we barely even know our neighbors it’s the one time of year where everyone can come together and agree…we all love candy!


I have such fond memories of Halloween starting with getting dressed up for school and participating in the school’s parade. It was so fun to see the teachers get involved as well. After the fun-filled day at school all of the neighborhood kids would gather up and start knocking on doors (yes, before the sun event went down). I want my children to have those same amazing memories.


While technically All Hallows’ Eve is a Christian-based holiday it is really simply an American tradition like Valentine’s Day that many cultures and religions around the United States celebrate including Jews and Muslims. We truly need to think about taking the celebrations and cultural traditions out of our kid’s lives because they are the fabric of our American society.

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