Gardening with Kids

Posted by Kathleen George on May 02, 2017 0 Comments

A few weeks ago my mother in law planted (pun intended) the idea of growing a garden in my preschoolers mind. Thanks a lot grandma! I know nothing about growing fruits and vegetables or really growing anything for that matter. I definitely don’t have a green thumb and I have managed to kill every flower or plant I have owned. I can’t even keep flower arrangements alive for longer than a day or two.


While I was initially able to deflect and postpone my little guys repeated requests to plant a garden his persistence got the best of me. I had no idea how to even get started but off we went to Home Depot! I really should have done some research prior to our shopping trip but assumed it couldn’t be much more complicated than dirt, seeds and a pot. I was under the impression we were going to plant one pepper and maybe a tomato but my son quickly informed me that a “garden” was much bigger than just two plants. Well two hours and a couple hundred dollars later we had all we needed to get our garden started. 3 peppers, 3 herbs, 2 tomatoes, 4 cumbers and a watermelon. Apparently when you are 4 years old that is what is required for the garden to be sufficient!


I was very surprised at how fun this activity turned out to be for both of us. It was a great way for us to do something new together and it provided a learning experience for us both as well. The greatest part for me is the ownership my son takes for his garden. He helps water it everyday and likes to remind me that the plants need their special food. I am pretty sure he just likes squirting the plant food bottle. Let’s just say the garden is probably a little over fertilized.


Shockingly all of the plants are still alive and our little garden is thriving! I guess my thumb might have a hint of green in it after all.

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