Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy

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Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy


For people who struggle with having a family of their own, surrogacy is an option of prime importance.  It can be a complex but rewarding experience for everyone involved, and meets important social and emotional needs.  Read on to better understand surrogacy and how it might fit into your life. 


How does surrogacy work?


When someone wishes to become a parent or grow a family but isn’t able to reproduce, surrogacy is a great option.  There are different types of surrogacy, and the method will depend largely on the circumstances.  Traditional surrogates are related to the babies they carry, although this is unusual because if the surrogate changes her mind there can be legal complications.  Gestational surrogacy occurs when an egg and sperm are submitted from the intended parents and a third party carries the baby to term.  If there is either no egg or no sperm available from the intended parents, a donor provides the missing component.  While traditional surrogacy is rare, gestational surrogacy is increasingly popular.  In fact, some research points to an 89 percent rise in gestational surrogacy from 2004 to 2008.


What does the carrier gain?


The woman who carries the baby can be either a compensated or compassionate surrogate.  Compensated surrogates receive financial incentives for carrying the baby to term and/or donating an egg.  Benefits include a base fee for being involved, but on top of that, they can receive payment for lost wages and paid travel.  There is a wardrobe allotment, housekeeping services, life insurance, and funds for various related expenses.  Compassionate surrogates, on the other hand, can only be reimbursed for certain expenses.  In some locations, compassionate surrogacy is the only legal option.  Regardless of the arrangement, Time for Families explains surrogacy agreements should be carefully drafted through legal channels to protect everyone involved in the process. 


Is surrogacy right for me?


There are many reasons people choose surrogacy.  Intended parents might be unable to have children for various medical reasons, or because they are same sex couples.  Single men are turning to surrogacy with increasing frequency, as they decide it’s time to become a dad.  Many factors influence the decision, and finances can also weigh into the picture.  Bankrate notes costs to intended parents can vary, depending on things like whether you are able to contribute an egg or sperm.  If finances are an issue, there are several loans available to help intended parents finance surrogacy costs.  


On the flip side of the equation, women become surrogates for a number of reasons.  There is the financial factor, but there are also important emotional benefits outside of that compensation.  It can be tremendously satisfying to provide joy and love to another family, and know you made a precious contribution to their lives.  Sometimes intended parents and surrogates become quite close and enjoy an ongoing, supportive relationship that is satisfying to everyone involved.  There is also healthcare provided to the surrogate, both during and after pregnancy.  For potential surrogates who struggle with the cost of healthcare, it can be an important consideration. 


In the world of surrogacy, there is sometimes a third side to the equation.  You might decide to donate sperm, an egg, or an embryo to the intended parents.  There is a wide range of people who elect to contribute.  Sometimes third-party donors are anonymous, sometimes they are close friends or family members.  Just as those who carry the baby, the experience can be emotionally gratifying, as you help others to become parents and fulfill their dream of having a family.   


People who elect to become part of the surrogacy process are carefully screened, whether they want to become intended parents, surrogates, or third-party donors.  There are thorough medical and psychological assessments, all of which ensure the situation will be a happy experience for everyone involved.


Surrogacy allows many people to fulfill their desire to have a family when other options are exhausted.  There are benefits to all parties, and the experience can make a tremendous difference in people’s lives.  It’s a decision with many aspects to consider, but also one that can bring immeasurable joy and satisfaction.



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