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Hooray! That’s what you are saying. Unless you are, of course, a teacher. Ahhh, back to school. The kids go back to school, the weather cools down and Mom can get back to…being busier? Along with back to school comes back to school activities, shopping, after school sports, parent/teacher conferences, etc. Here are some great tips to make it through the first few weeks and beyond.


  1. Teacher Gifts – Ok, I absolutely LOVE my child’s teacher but do I need to show up with a gift on the first day of school? Well, if so, Target gift cards and wine. That’s what the teachers want because those are the only two things I have given that created excitement in their eyes. Except, of course, the final day of school.

  1. PTO Money – I hear complaints about this one all the time but if there are Moms out there willing to donate their time to make the rest of the children’s school experience fabulous, great, let me write a check. Come on parents! It may seem excessive but the parties and the ho downs and ice cream socials create lasting memories for our kid’s school experience and the PTO (and Moms that run it) make this happen.


  1. School Lunches – It is SO hard to figure out what to pack for lunch that’s healthy, liked by your kids and also gluten, peanut and preservative free. Here is a link to some safe and peanut free lunch ideas.

  1. After school Activities - Keep it simple and limit after school to one activity per week. With homework and kids not even arriving home until 4pm, too much activity every night will just wear them (and you!) down. Don’t forget to take some time each day to unwind with your child and find out how they are doing. Big changes happen at school every year and this is the time when kids need us the most.

      There is a lot going on when the kids go back to school but before you know it, you will be taking that last day of school pic and wondering where the time went.

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