5 Things I'm Over in 2K16

Posted by Kathleen George on October 13, 2016 0 Comments

I’m not sure if it’s being a Mom or the fact that I just turned 40 a few months ago but I get “over” things quickly. I’m not likely to jump on any trendy bandwagons and popular culture seems to elude me on a regular basis. Who is Charlie Puth?! Anyway, here are some things I’m already over in 2016 and I would love if they didn’t make an appearance next year.


  1. Saying T-Shirts – They are everywhere and then there are the people that wear a saying T-shirt and a saying hat. At the same time! Make it stop. Namaste home if you are wearing a saying T-shirt.

  2. Facebook Live – Nothing is more annoying than getting a moment to check Facebook only to see someone video taping themselves in some mundane every day situation. Facebook live should be forever erased from the platform and never to be spoken of again.

  3. Anything Kardashian, West or Jenner – This item also applies to 2015, 2014 and basically the year Keeping up With the Kardashians first aired. Please make them go away by not watching their shows, buying their products or clicking on links involving them. This is to save future generations from the next generation of Kardashians.

  4. Quinoa (and Kale for that matter) – We get it you’re healthy and drink wheat grass shots but seriously Quinoa doesn’t even taste good and kale, whether in chip form or not, is not a substitute for potatoes. Eat carbs. They won’t kill you.

  5. The Election – It’s a good thing there is only a little over one month left until the election. I’m over it.

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